The event last year welcomed discussions across a range of topics and subjects including: the new inspectorate arrangements (HMICFRS), effects of contaminants on firefighters and the public, firefighter’s wellbeing and resilience, situational awareness, community safety practices, and operational and organisational learning. Specifically our discussions covered:

  • Understanding and Addressing Preventable Fire Deaths
  • Improving Fire and Rescue Services’ Operational and Organisational Learning
  • Operational Working Practices to Increase Firefighter Wellbeing
  • Firefighters Wellbeing and Psychology
  • Fire Safety Knowledge and Fire Investigations: Limitations and Opportunities
  • Community Safety Considerations for Specific Groups
  • Situational Awareness and Incident Command
  • Governance and Regulation in the UK Fire and Rescue Service
  • Fire Safety: Techniques and Knowledge

It was a great event.

You can find the full programme RE18 Programme.

The IFE review of the event also includes quotes from our prize winners:

Presentation: Emily Watkins from the University of Brighton. Female firefighter health and wellbeing: An international survey.

Poster: Peter Murphy from Nottingham Trent University, Kirsten Greenhalgh from the University of Nottingham and Peter Ecklesley from Nottingham Trent University. A comparative appraisal of recent and proposed changes to the fire and rescue services in England and Scotland.



Last year the Annual Fire Related Research and Developments Conference 17 (RE17) took place at West Midlands Fire and Rescue Headquarters in Birmingham. It was another great research event combining state of the art fire-related disciplines with presentations from both practitioner and academic research projects. To review the full programme please click here.

You can read The Institution of Fire Engineers review of the event.